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5 Ways to Create Personal Space at Home (While Social Distancing)

5 ways to create personal space at home while surviving social distancing. You don't have to feel overwhelmed by too much togetherness.

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Surviving Social Distancing With Your Kids

Tips for surviving social distancing and isolation with your kids

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10 Day Thanksgiving Gratitude Countdown

10 days of gratitude. Follow along as we count down the days until Thanksgiving. Explore your own gratitude with prompts and journal ideas along the way.

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Raising Grateful Kids

It's not easy to raise grateful children in a world that is all about getting more. Learn how to model a grateful heart and set healthy limits on kids wants while still giving them everything they need.

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{Less} Beef Tacos

Here is my very first recipe for #lessmeatmonday! Beef Tacos! Ok, I know what you’re thinking. How can beef tacos be on the menu for #lessmeatmonday? Its simple, this isn’t about eliminating meat all together, although there will certainly be 100% meatless meals in the coming weeks. My goal is to give you recipes that… Continue reading {Less} Beef Tacos