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10 Day Thanksgiving Gratitude Countdown

A 10 Day Gratitude Countdown for Thanksgiving

As the holidays approach, I wanted to take a moment and make a gratitude list. It’s a countdown to Thanksgiving, but it’s also a starting point for a gratitude list of your own. I hope you take a moment every day and find what you are grateful for.

Day 1: Today

It is easy to get lost in the disappointments of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow. When we focus on the path in front of us, the way becomes a little clearer and are burdens a little lighter.

What will your focus be today? Say your prayers and turn yesterday and tomorrow over to God. See the path before you and put one foot in front of the other.

Day 2: Family

Family is more than biology. There are adopted families and blended families, college friends and neighborhood allies. Families are made up of people who love and respect each other. They are people who choose, every day, to lift each other up.

Who are the people you call family? Do they know? Take a moment and share your feelings with them. Do not let another day go by without saying I love you.

Day 3: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It can heal both the wounded and the wounder. It can be done alone in your room or over tears and apologies. Do not hold onto old hurts. Allow the grace of forgiveness to begin to heal your heart.

What is holding you captive? Do you need to forgive yourself? Do you need to let go of old grudges. Forgiveness is a process. Acknowledge it when it resurfaces, breathe deep, and let it go. In time, the past will lessen it’s hold on your heart.

Day 4: Pets

There is nothing like the unconditional love of an animal. I have been blessed to share my life with some angels disguised as 4 legged fur balls. Heaven is full of pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. To Otto and Sonny, thank you boys and I’ll see you again.

We share this planet and, at times, our homes with a multitude of creatures. But for me, there is nothing like the love a dog. What has taught you the most about unconditional love? How do you share that with the world?

Day 5: My Body

No one is perfect. We all have flaws and things we would change, but you have this one body. Wasting time hating it only slows you down from accomplishing more. If you want to make changes, start today. But don’t put off your dreams for what could be. Start living now.

Are you kind to your body? Do you thank it for the miracles it performs every day? See it for what it does, not for what it isn’t.

Day 6: I am grateful for Lessons Learned from Failure

Failure is hard. No one likes to fail. And yet I would not trade some of life’s biggest failure for anything. They shape who we are and teach us more than an easy success ever could. We are the sum total of our trials and triumphs. Be grateful for who you are in this moment and the lessons that got you here.

What did failure teach you this week? This month? This year? Be honest with yourself and hear the lesson that is being taught.

Day 7: I am grateful for Coffee

I am grateful for my cup of coffee in the morning. My daughter and I sit and watch the Today Show while I sip my coffee and she enjoys her tea. It’s a small moment that means so much. Find your moment in each day and savor it.

Do you take time everyday to savor life’s small moments? What space will you carve out to be present and thankful?

Day 8: A Warm Bed

We often take for granted the little things that make our life so blessed. Take a moment to look around and see just how much there is to be grateful for. A warm bed, a roof above, food on the table, and safety are luxuries to many. Do not measure a blessing by how much it cost you, but by what it means to someone without it.

What do you take for granted? Have you always been so blessed? What people and events do you have to thank for helping you reach this point in your life?

Day 9: The Helpers

My 6th grade Sunday school teacher. My 8th grade science teacher. My Parents. The list is long; people who have helped me in big and small ways. I am paying it forward as I try to help children, parents, and families live their best lives. I believe that together we can move mountains.

The world can be a scary place. When the children in your life ask questions, who can you point to as the people who are helpers? When you have questions, who do you turn to? Make a list of the helpers in your life.

Day 10: My Life

Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed. Don’t focus on the goal or you’ll miss the scenery. Take the road less traveled and have an adventure. Laugh loud, love often, and embrace your story.

Tell your story. Share it with the people you love. What’s your favorite story from childhood? A cherished memory of a loved one long gone? A dream you have yet to share?

I am a woman who is embracing this new journey. There have been bumps along the road and lessons learned. Everyday I try to live in the moment and give myself the grace of forgiveness. I am a work in progress, but my eyes are not on the distant horizon. They are instead fixed on the path before me and the people who walk with me. I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am an educator, a parent coach, a newly minted blogger, and an entrepreneur.

Thank you for walking a while with me.

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